6 Things To Consider For Successful Speech

Giving a speech can be a very scary affair especially when it’s your first time. But the truth is it is very easy to give a speech that moves your audience. Whether you are going to give a persuasion speech, an informative speech or a n entertaining speech there are a couple of things that must be done if you want to give a good speech. Here are the 6 things to consider for successful speech.

1. Focus only on the message you want to give

Select a single topic and focus only on it. You increase the chances of not giving a successful speech if you try giving a message that covers many topics. Put yourself in the audiences’ shoes and come up with questions you think they may ask. Keep those questions in mind when writing down your speech. Make sure that the speech answers all the questions that may pop up in your mind.

2. Know your audience and the setting

Knowing the type of audienceyou are dealing with will help you make the most appropriate and relevant speech. For example, when giving a speech about a given topic to people who know nothing about the topic, it is important to give detailed definition of any terms used in the speech. On the other hand, when giving a speech to an audience that consists of experts, you can omit definitions since everyone understands the terms.

3. Write your speech and ensure that it thoroughly covers the topic

Look as for as many points as possible to support your topic. Remember, to convince your audience, they need to see you as an expert. If you want to use visual aids, prepare them in advance. Write a biographical paragraph to describe yourself to you audience before giving out your speech.

4. Practice the speech

Practice your speech in front of a friend. Set a timer so as to know the amount of time your speech will take. You an also take a video of yourself as you practice the speech to analyze your appearance and body language. If any part of the speech sounds unnatural or awkward, remove or edit it. Memorize all the main points and their sequence in the speech. Practice as many times as possible until the point when you feel that you own the speech.

5. Hire a pa system in time

Hiring a pa system is also among the things to consider for successful speech. Ensure that you do a sound system hire in time. The system should be set up and tasted long before the day of delivering the speech. Make sure that you have all the supplementary materials required when delivering the speech.

6. Dress appropriately and be confident

Remember that image is very important when addressing a gathering. People will always judge you based on what you are wearing. Dress formally and select the appropriate color of clothing. Be confident and look around your audience as you deliver your speech. If anything goes wrong during the speech, just breath in, laugh at yourself and proceed as if nothing happened. Keep your speech short and straight to the point to ensure that your audiences don’t get bored.

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