A Look at the Top In-Demand Medical Jobs in Australia

Experienced and qualified medical professionals are now in high demand in Australia. This is because of the reputation that Australia has in providing top medical practices and job opportunities in the medical industry. Boasting with around 750 public hospitals and 500 private healthcare facilities, Australia’s public and private health facilities are known for being equipped with the modern technology. Its large population base and its medical assurance to the public created the high demand for thousands of health care jobs in Australia. Statistics show that for the last four decades, Australia’s medical labour force has increased by 22.8%and continues to grow until now. Here are some of the most needed medical jobs in Australia today.


General Practitioners

GPs play a crucial role in Australia’s health care system. They diagnose various health conditions and treat illnesses. Accordingly, the Australia’s labour force survey reported that the number of employed GPs has continued to increase to about 20.7% for the last four decades. These doctors are working as clinicians, primary care practitioners, specialists, specialist-in-training, and hospital non-specialists. For the last four decades, statistics show that the demand for GPs in Australia has increased to 350 (FTE) full-time doctors per 100,000 people, basing on a standard 40-hour work week.

Nurses and Midwives

Nurses and midwives are well-trained to provide services that promote, restore, and maintain health and well-being. Mostly, they work in acute care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and community health centres. Depending on the area of responsibility and skill level, the jobs of nurses and midwives varies widely. Also, their workforce depends on the community care, work settings, and the type of care that is being provided. Statistics show that the need for both jobs has increased by 6.2 % over the last decades, creating the need for 1,105 FTE nurses per 100,000 people, basing on a 38-hour work week.


Dentists help prevent, diagnose, and treat malformations, injuries, and diseases in the jaws, gums, teeth, and associated structures. The dental labour force is comprised of dentists, dental prosthetists, dental therapists, and dental hygienists. Majority of the practising dentists worked in private sectors, while others are in general practice and in the public sector. Despite the population’s progress in oral health for the last decades, dental problems have remained a common health complaint in the country, ranking as the fourth most common illness next to headache, colds, and hypertension. Statistics reported a 3.3% increase in dental labour force for the last decades, creating the need for 50.3 FTE dentists per 100,000 people.

Other Health Labour Forces

Other health labour forces that are also needed in Australia include therapy aides, speech pathologists, social workers, clinical psychologists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, osteopaths, orthotists/prosthetists, orthoptists, optometrists, occupational therapists, natural remedy consultant, naturopaths, medical imaging workers, dieticians, complementary therapy workers, chiropractors, audiologists, acupuncturists, and islander health workers.

Overall, with the aging population, who require more medical attention, and with the increasing population due to immigration, the need for experienced and qualified medical staff to fill the increasing number of medical jobs in Australia has been set to continue, leaving no shortage for willing medical professionals who want to fill in this growing gap.

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Dunya Carter is a marketing specialist and writer from Australia. She works for Ochre Recruitment, an Australian leading recruitment agency helping international and Australian medical professionals to find GP jobs and other types of medical positions in Australia. She also writes articles on recruitment and job search for several other websites and blogs. You can get in touch with Dunya via Twitter: @DunyaCarter


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